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Our international network of facilitators offers Music Festivals a wide variety of face to face training programmes.


Receive a personalised workshop for your team and organisation need´s in one or several key areas: Innovation, Project Design, Organisational Change, Leadership, Strategic Sustainable Development and more . . .


These 3 day Training Programmes with two facilitators will empower and inspire your team to create innovative, sustainable and transformative events.


Choose one or tell us what your needs are and we will design one for your organisation.

Disruptive Project Design

and Management:

This training programme is a breath of fresh air for your organisation´s strategic planning and implementation approach, as it combines most of the contemporary methodologies on Project Design, Collective Co-Creation Processes and Agile Management. This training also offers a holistic approach by including ancestral wisdom and practices.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training Programmes
  • Design organisations with a strong common vision that is innovative, flexible and sustainable
  • Learn methods for Project Co-Creation and Agile Implementation like Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Agile, Scrum, Business Model Canvas, and Backcasting
  • Augment your team’s motivation, commitment and responsibility whilst identifying your team members individual talents and archetypes for highest and happiest performance
  • Understand how to work with chaos and unpredictability, and to integrate intuition and logic, emotions and rational thinking in your working processes
  • Learn how to enjoy the process, have fun and celebrate all the way through your projects
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Could we invent a more powerful, more soulful, more meaningful way to work together, if only we change our belief system?

Frederic Laloux

Innovation for Sustainability:

The current social, environmental and economic challenges are an enormous threat to society. In order to solve the complex issues we are facing, innovation and sustainable development are an uncompromisable necessity. This training programme is designed to help your team and organisation to develop a strategic sustainable development strategy for its products and services. This strategy will drive your organisation to the front line of its industry by placing sustainability as the key driver for innovation whilst increasing your team’s commitment, reducing costs and increasing benefits.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training Programmes
  • Think outside of the box and unleash collective co-creation, innovation and creativity within your team and organisation
  • Comprehend what the sustainability challenge is and how can you help to overcome it
  • Understand how to establish an organisational culture that fosters mutual benefits across all stakeholders
  • Design a strategic sustainable development plan for your organisation that considers people, planet and profit, by using the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), the ABCD Strategic Planning Process and more.
  • Establish Sustainability as the key driver for innovation and sales within your organisation,
  • Augment your team’s motivation, commitment and initiative
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If is not fun is not sustainable.


Organisational & Leadership Change:

This training programme will look at how to give birth to the utopian 21st century organization. These organizations idealistically embed a combination of hierarchical and horizontal management structures, which cultivates their ability to be flexible, autonomous, interdependent and humanly centered. This workshop will also explore leadership from a personal and internal perspective, by reflecting on your team members’ leadership journeys. We will look at how we can become the leaders who master positive communication, listen and motivate – leaders that can lead and can simultaneously follow – those that advocate for participatory leadership, team power and collective intelligence.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training Programmes
  • Learn new organisational models and structures: like “Teal”, “Empty Center Organisations, ” and “Learning Organisations”
  • Create organizations as living systems, with brand new structures, responsibilities, purpose, processes, communication channels etc.
  • Unleash your individual team members’ leadership journeys, talents and gifts
  • Understand how to work with chaos and to navigate complex and unpredictable environments with the mitigation of stress
  • Build group trust, teamwork and empowerment
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The edge of chaos is the place for maximum creativity.

Dragon Dreaming Wisdom

Economic Regeneration:

There are newly emerging economic paradigms and business models that are already transforming the way we do business: Sharing, Gift, Alternative, Prosumerism and Sustainable Economy. This training programme is designed to help create organisations that inspire the way for a new economic system to emerge. We will explore global monetary dynamics, as well as reflect on a team’s personal relationship with money. We will understand your organisation and team members’ respective motivations around economic resources for cohesive thinking and fruitful doing.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training Programmes
  • Understand the economic system, money and learn about alternative economic systems
  • Improve your organization’s and team’s relationship with money and resources
  • Create wealth from new sources and with new awareness
  • Implement cutting edge fundraising strategies, like Empowered Fundraising, Crowdfunding etc.
  • Put the Financial Freedom Formula into practice
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The present convergence of crises - in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics, the environment, and more – is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.

Charles Eisenstein

Group Dynamics, Facilitation and Conflict Resolution:

Working in teams can be a challenging task, and especially when different personalities coincide. The main purpose of this training programme is to understand how activities which are introduced to consciously understand group processes and group dynamics can help to uplift team performance to its highest level. Moreover, understanding conflict as an opportunity to unleash creativity and building bonds between team members is also key for organisations that wish to succeed in this individualistic era. Therefore, group facilitation plays a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of the people in our organisations.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training programmes
  • Know what group facilitation is and why it is needed in organisations and it’s teams’ processes .
  • Learn the most widespread techniques of group facilitation, and work with the 4 spaces of the Group Facilitation Processes: Inquiry, Decisions, Connection and Emotional Management
  • Practice “Conflict Resolution”, from the perspective of “Process Work” where conflict is seen as means for evolution within groups
  • Improve a team’s communication, feedback, and decision-making processes
  • Build group trust, teamwork and empowerment
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Transparency creates trust.

Dragon Dreaming Wisdom

Stress Management:

In the world of events, full of deadlines, targets and operational challenges stress seems to be a normal part of the job. In traditional stress management, it’s common to be given advice that aims at controlling a person’s level of stress using relaxation tools and techniques.
We help people understand the mechanics of the mind and where their experience of stress is really coming from. As a result, their busy minds effortlessly go quiet and they become focussed, connected and have the capacity to make better decisions.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training Programmes
  • Understand what is the true causes of stress and that it has nothing to do with circumstance.
  • Have the experience of being in highly stressful circumstances while feeling peaceful and grounded.
  • Understand how to make good, clear and quick decisions without overthinking.
  • Learn how to manage stressful people at the workplace and not be affected by other people’s energies.
  • Increase performance, time management ability and focus.
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We will not be giving you tools, techniques and things to do. Instead we will help you let go of all the things that are stopping you from experiencing your natural ability for connection, insight and clarity of decision making. Our approach is to share with people a simple understanding that explain how the human mind works. The realisation of this fact has the power to completely eliminate stress and for people to be at their best more easily and more

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.

Sydney Banks

Mindful Business:

In this training programme we will share some mindful exercises, helping participants getting deeper in contact with themselves Using guided vision-journeys the participants will get in touch with their life-purpose and passion. Based on this experience we will develop business strategies which can be used for business modelling, marketing and organisational development.

By the end of this course your team will:

Training Programmes
  • Get in contact with their passion and purpose.
  • Learn how to take responsibility for their life journey and growth.
  • Understand and grow their resilience and innovative capacity.
  • Know how to use mindfulness to achieve high-performance.
  • Explore how to build communities and what kind of leadership is needed.
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Tomorrow's leaders will not lead dictating from the front, nor pushing from the back. They will lead from the centre - from the heart.

Rasheed Ogunlaru,

Empowered Fundraising

Empowered fundraising inspires and enables us as participants to create the funds necessary to implement our projects in line with our values and visions. Primarily this is about building relationships with others and offering them the gift of participating in projects which add meaning to their lives. With Empowered Fundrasing we can succeed in building an economy of sustainability and mutual respect.

At the completion of this workshop participant

Training Programmes
  • Discovered the source of our wound about money and fundraising
  • Have practiced Charismatic Win-Win Communication as a way of sharing about their project(s), in such a way as to encourage participation
  • Identified their personal balance point as a contribution towards their project, and committed it to their project
  • Identified the basis of relationship building, seen a role play and have created one for themselves..
  • Learned of the steps and stages for a successful fundraising project, and be able to apply this to their own p
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If your motivation for acquiring money or success comes from a non supportive root such as fear, anger, or the need to “prove” yourself, your money will never bring you happiness.

T. Harv Eker

Dragon Dreaming Project Design:

Dragon Dreaming is the project design methodology to build resilient and inspiring projects. Dragon Dreaming takes us out of our comfort zone to reach our maximum creativity, adopting at the same time a culture of win-win and authentic communication. Dragon Dreaming works with a four-stage process: dream, plan, do and celebrate; 12 different phases and more than 60 tools. Using these tools in your organization, the resilience and adaptability to changes will increase and a greater cohesion among all stakeholders will be achieved, because the process of creation and realization of projects will be done in an enjoyable and inclusive way.

At the completion of this workshop participants will have

Training Programmes
  • Receive a theoretical and practical introduction, learn the steps and stages to the project’s success.
  • Establish objectives, goal and tasks leveraging the collective intelligence.
  • Experience designing a “Karabirrdt” to create your own project strategy through a participatory design process.
  • Receive tools to improve communication, trust and teamwork.
  • Understand how to establish a culture of win-win between all stakeholders.
  • Learn to integrate the celebration and enjoyment in our work processes.
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Tomorrow's leaders will not lead dictating from the front, nor pushing from the back. They will lead from the centre - from the heart.

Rasheed Ogunlaru,

Choose one of these training programmes

or tell us what your needs are and we will design one for your organisation.




90 minute online Master Class with one of our experts.
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