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The Leadership for Sustainability and Change Programme is a 6 month learning adventure specially created for Music Festival Professionals who wish to uplift their events, to respond to the social, environmental and economic needs of the 21st century.


The programme has been designed as a “living and learning journey.” Your personal experiences, access to cutting edge academic tools and methodologies, and hands on project implementation are combined to create a life changing learning adventure.


The programme is project driven where teachings are set in a practical arena. You will implement the learnings of the programme in a real life project, your music festival.


Leadership for Sustainability
The ideal total duration of the Leadership for Sustainability and Change programme is 6 months in order to fully incorporate both theoretical and practical learning.


The first 4 months include theoretical teachings and real life project implementation in a specific Music Festival. As the course proceeds, project implementation gains more relevance while theoretical content decreases. The last 2 months of the programme are mainly dedicated to project implementation in the shape of a music festival.
During this educational journey, you will be supported by an international team of teachers, mentors and experts, allowing the Leadership for Sustainability and Change programme to be a uniquely enriching experience!

The Core Themes

The “Leadership for Sustainability and Change” programme revolves around 4 Core Themes. These 4 themes are key and common to any project/organisation that wishes to succeed and lead in the current global environment. These include:

Core Theme 1. Disruptive Project Design and Management:

Core Theme 1 is intended to give you a better understanding of how to design a participatory, innovative, flexible, successful and sustainable project. This module combines traditional strategic planning tools with contemporary methodologies on project design, participatory processes, agile management and systems thinking. This Core theme also offers a holistic approach by including ancestral wisdom and practices.

Mentoring Consulting Programmes

By the end of this module you will:

  • Learn about methods for project co-creation and agile implementation for fast and efficient task delivery,
  • Establish monitor and evaluation processes that are effective,
  • Create a collective and durable vision for your projects,
  • Know how to integrate intuition and logic, emotions and rational thinking,
  • Be able to sustain the height of your team’s motivation
  • Practice charismatic communication as a way to communicate your projects,
  • Manage fluctuations by working with chaos and unpredictability,
  • Enjoy, have fun and celebrate all the way.

Core Theme 2. Innovation for Sustainability:

The current social, environmental and economic challenges are an enormous threat to humanity. In order to solve the complex issues we are facing, innovation and sustainable development become an uncompromisable necessity. Nonetheless, both terms have unfortunately become buzzwords; how can you really innovate and be disruptive? What does it really mean to be sustainable? In Core Theme 2, we explore the essence of innovation – where inventive ideas come from and how can we unleash collective intelligence to re-invent our projects and our lives. In this module we will dissect the meaning of sustainability and how it can be effectively achieved. We will be using a strategic approach to embed sustainability at the core of our business for effective and desirable change.

Mentoring Consulting Programmes

By the end of Core Theme 2 you will:

  • Unleash collective co-creation and creativity, Think outside of the box,
  • Comprehend what the sustainability challenge is and how it can be solved,
  • Strategically plan with equal consideration for the people, the planet and the profit,
  • Understand how to establish a culture that fosters mutual benefits across all stakeholders,
  • Achieve social and environmental sustainability.

Core Theme 3. Organizational and Leadership Change:

In Core Theme 3, we will look at how to give birth to flexible, organic and highly responsive organizations. These include organizations that embed both hierarchical and horizontal structures harmoniously, as well as those that live as systems which are highly autonomous, interdependent and humanly centred. This module explores leadership from an internal and external perspective. We will reflect on our own personal leadership journeys and how we can become the leaders that our current time demands; leaders who master positive communication, listen and motivate – leaders that can lead and can simultaneously follow – those that advocate for participatory leadership, team power and collective intelligence – leaders that embody an awareness of their talents and gifts.

Mentoring Consulting Programmes

By the end of Core Theme 3 you will:

  • Better understand who you are and how you can harness your own personal attributes to contribute to the world,
  • Find your own leadership journey, as well as your talents and gifts,
  • Better communicate and provide effective feedback,
  • Build group trust, teamwork and empowerment,
  • Work to overcome conflict and obstacles,
  • Create organizations as living systems,
  • Implement efficient decision making processes.

Core Theme 4. Economic Regeneration:

In Core Theme 4 we will look at economics and the global economy with new eyes. How does the current economic system affect my well-being and the planet´s? We will explore how to build a new economic system by understanding monetary dynamics. We will unveil our true and deep relationship with money. In fact, our beliefs around money are a determining factor on how we interact with the world. When we devote time and energy to explore these basic factors, we deepen our understanding of ourselves and of others which cultivates the productivity of cohesive thinking within the team. There is not a single resource that cannot be achieved to make our projects and dreams come true.

Mentoring Consulting Programmes

By the end of Core Theme 4 you will:

  • Understand the economic system and the functioning of money,
  • Learn about alternative monetary systems,
  • Improve your relationship with money, as well as your team’s,
  • Create wealth from new sources and with new awareness,
  • Implement cutting edge fundraising strategies,
  • Put the financial freedom formula into practice

The Tools

The tools and methods used in the programme are derived from: Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming, Facilitation Institute (IFAACE), Non-violent Communication, U-Theory, Spiral Dynamics, A Course in Miracles, Scrum & Agile, Business Model Canvas, Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), The work that Reconnects, Sacred Economics, Gaia Education, Transition Network, Permaculture.
It is inspired by Buddhism, Taoism, Australian Aborigines, and inspiring thinkers such as Scott Peck, Otto Scharmer, John Croft, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Paulo Freire, Carl Jung, Joanna Macy, Arnold Mindell, Marshall Rosenberg, Don Beck, Frederic Laloux, Charles Eisenstein…

TEAM: Lectures

The programme consists of an international network of experienced lecturers from Once in a LifeTime events network. They will support the learnings through Online and Face to Face master classes in each of the 4 Core Themes.
Contact us about the Leadership for Sustainability and Change programme or to co-create a personalised learning journey that suits your organisation or educational center.




90 minute online Master Class with one of our experts.
Receive a Master Class in Innovation, Agile Project Design, Organisational Change, Leadership, Strategic Sustainable Development, Group Dynamics and mor More Information



3 day Face to Face Training Programmes with two facilitators.

Receive a personalised workshop for your team and organisation need´s in one or several key areas.
More information.



3 to 6 month mentoring-training programmes that will allow you to create transformative music festivals; a life changing experience for your team and organisation. More Informationion.



Participate in one of our life changing retreats specially created for people like you!  More information