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Network of Facilitators


Once in a LifeTime Events consists of a freaking awesome international network of facilitators! WE hold varied fields of expertise, WE are highly professional, and above all, WE are outstanding human beings!
Most of us have moved away from the conservatism of modern life and  re-invented ourselves and our careers. So now, we wish to be at service.
WE aspire to help and collaborate with thousands of people to give birth, rediscover and rebuild their organisations. To support the emergence of a new world, where economy, environment and people can live together in nurturing harmony.
Let’s do this together!


Julia Ramos Puente_Once in a LifeTime Events

Julia has lived in and travelled to over 30 countries. Passionate about life, people, music and nature,he loves facilitating inner and outer change by breaking paradigms. People describe her as friendly, energetic, and committed to helping others. Julia has completed two Masters degrees; the first being in Leadership and Strategic Sustainable Development (Sweden) and other in Communication and Public Relations (Spain). Prior to her her post-graduate education, she attained a B.Sc. in Hospitality Management (Switzerland). Julia holds extensive years of experience in Hospitality, Event Management, as well as Public Relations & Communications. She has dedicated her most recent professional years to supporting teams of people in designing projects that bring change to the world.

Julia Ramos

“The dreamer and orchestra director”
Martin_Hohn_Once in a LifetIme Events

Supports individuals and organizations in developing their consciousness and purpose. As a lotus growing from the mud, Martin endured challenging times in life and reinvented himself. Personal growth and development continue to shape his exciting life journey.
Holding a B.Sc. in Hospitality Management, Martin continued his education in numerous fields such as Alternative Healing Methods, Coaching, Permaculture, Holacracy, Facilitation and Processwork.
He has worked in international luxury hotels within the food & beverage and event departments across six countries and three continents, . He was inclusively involved in four hotel opening projects. Martin has consulted several start-ups in the food and gastronomy industry, which led him to finally develop his own company (

Martin Hohn

“The self reinvented and the doer”
ElenaRodriguezBlanco_Once in a LifeTime Events

Elena is the CEO and Co-Founder of Authenticitys. She also co-founded Anoderwold and Bloom Microventures in Vietnam. All of these organizations address some of the challenges that our society is facing today. Elena has worked in three different continents in projects for public and private institutions such as Deutsche Bank (NYC), the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) and General Electric International. She has served as a mentor and coach for more than 300 organizations and entrepreneurs through ESADE-BBVA Momentum Project, Startup Pirates, Sustainability Jam, Service Design Jam, Team Academy Start Up Process, MakeSense amongst others. She is a researcher at the ESADE Institute for Social Innovation. Elena has a Masters in Business Administration , Masters in Development Management from London School of Economics and a Masters in Team Coaching Entrepreneurship Pedagogy from Team Academy.

Elena Rodriguez Blanco

“The tireless entrepreneur and social innovation expert”
Sarah Forrester_Once in a LifeTime Events

Sarah is a Language & Environmental Educator, Creative Facilitator and Sustainability Consultant. She has an M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Swedish Blekinge Institute of Technology and a B.A. in English Literature from Falmouth University, England. She is the Co-Founder of Transition Lab, an international organization built on addressing social and environmental issues through co-creative and participatory methods. In 2012, Sarah was among a small group that founded the Bristol Pound, the UK’s first city-wide community currency and since has worked in cross-sector sustainability projects with a focus on Education, Economy and Language.

Sarah Forrester-Wilson

“The bridge builder between economy and ecology”
Beatriz_Gallego_Once in a LifeTime Events

Beatriz is a Dragon Dreaming and Process-Work Facilitator. She accompanies individuals and groups with their inner to outer evolution process and organizational development. She specialises in group conflict, roles, rank and leadership and has rained in Open Forums and Deep Democracy, Transition Movement, Deep Ecology and Art of Hosting. As a creative entrepreneur, she first worked in Advertising and Marketing Online & Offline) and later created a Social Communication Cooperative for local and national Spanish governments as well as private companies. She additionally has a Masters in Business Administration and is the Founder of Red Amaltea Professional Association for Women and 14 grapas Creative and Facilitation Agency.

Beatriz Gallego

“The one that invites for the inner and outer”
AngelHernandez_Once in a LifeTime Events

Angel is a Facilitator and Entrepreneur. He is established in the fields of Social Innovation and Collaborative Project Development. Angel has held workshops and co-founded numerous projects around the world which focus of the aforementioned fields of study. In recent years he worked in Communication strategy, Urban Planning, Community and Project Development, developing Empowerment and Strategic Programmes for the creation of Social Innovations. For more information visit his website:

Angel Hernandez

PhillipeBartu_Once in a LifeTime Events

Philippe is a recovering people-pleasing hotelier that became a stressed out restaurant owner and survivor of a severe burnout in 2008. This led him to become a seeker of deeper meaning and purpose in life and in doing so became a self improvement junkie.

After years of heavily investing in workshops, coaching courses and leadership training programs he finally discovered an emerging paradigm of human psychology that transformed his life forever.

He had a simple and profound realisation where he understood something about the mechanics of the mind that radically changed his life.The search was over and the feelings of peace, love, and freedom he was striving for showed up within himself.

Over the last few years, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, professional athletes, executives and influencers discover how to naturally be in a state of mind that connects them to their innate capacity for well-being, inner peace, creativity, resilience, flow and insight.

He is a ‘third-culture kid’ with a Swiss passport who has lived in 10 different countries, speaks 5 languages and now calls Barcelona home.

Philippe Bartu

Carmen Ribeiro_Once in a LifeTime Events

An Event Consultant with a B.A. (Hons.) in International Hospitality and Events Management from the Swiss Hotel Management School and Partner in Once in a LifeTime Events, Carmen embodies a devout history of love and exquisiteness for art, structure, design, colour, style, aesthetics, creative living and sustainability. A hedonist with a spiritual and mental health-centric perspective, she has led her life with a realization of a cruelty-free and eco conduct which has guided her larger motivation to integrate the sustainability paradigm into her professional path. “To nurture the omnipotence of the events industry as a tool to harness communal consciousness towards the promotion of global sustainability” remains her motivational love!
She has worked in the food and beverage, well as events departments of various hospitality organizations in both Europe and Africa. She most recently consulted for an events company, specializing in the design of tradeshows and other corporate events.

Carmen Ribeiro


Are you inspired by Once in a LifeTime events vision?

Would you like to help event producers to create events that transform the world?

Would you like to be part of our team?

Once in a LifeTime events works as an Empty Center Organisation, with the values and vision in the centre and establishing win-win relationships between organisation and team members. So if you wish to be part of this team of gamechangers, shambala warriors, or leaders for change and sustainability… JOIN THIS ADVENTURE…


If you are a group facilitator and you have knowledge and expertise that you wish to share with the world, get in contact with us. Join our network of facilitators!

Team member

If you wish to collaborate with ONLTE as one of the team members and experience what is to co-create an empty center organisation where your connaissance is valued, get in contact with us. You can work from any part of the world!


Network of facilitators

We partner with Authenticitys because they want to re-design the “traditional” tourism model. Authenticitys co-designs social impact experiences for people to travel, share, and learn together in unforgettable settings in the worlds’ cities. They host experiences with their partner organisations and NGOs to curate an incredible time that will leave a positive impact in the city while educating a community of conscious travellers.

Network of Facilitators

We partner with the Dragon Dreaming Institute because we believe that project planning with an awareness towards the individual, the community and the planet can positively shape the future of business doing.


The institute is a training organisation, founded to support Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers with the Dragon Dreaming method, based on a mindful culture.

Dragon Dreaming is an open source method spreading around the world inspired by the international movement

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
- John Lennon