Tailor Made Workshops for Capacity Building
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Tailor Made Workshops for Capacity Building

Improve your team’s Leadership, Empowerment, Group dynamics and Project implementation.



Is your organisation striving for better strategy implementation?

Does your team need empowerment and motivation?

In a complex and diverse world, the long-term sustainability of our projects can be a challenging task. Cultural differences, lack of a shared common language, complex strategic planning processes and leadership absence prevent us from achieving outstanding goals.

It is therefore necessary to develop innovative, motivational and efficient strategies, that will ease project implementation. As well as to build teams of people who perform, are empowered, make commitments and share responsibilities.

Luckily, nowadays there are numerous tools and methodologies to help our organisations and teams to overcome the challenges of working in complex environments.



If you would like your organization to be high performing, as well as creative, and harmonious working environments with empowered leaders; most probably these trainings are for you:

1) Agile project design and management tools: Learn to create authentic team´s shared visions, as well as to plan and do together as a motivated team. Achieve effective and efficient task management. Learn to integrate intuition and logic, emotions and rational thinking in project planning. Understand how to work with chaos and unpredictability; and learn to enjoy, have fun and celebrate all the way.

2) Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution: Learn to create organisations as living systems, as well as how to unleash collective intelligence. Acquire knowledge and tools on  best decision making processes. Understand  the benefits of  navigating team´s conflicts and how overcome blockages. Discover rank, power and its impacts on team member´s relationships for the good sake of the organisation.

3) Leadership, Empowerment and Participatory Processes: Learn about your team´s leadership journey as well as their talents and gifts.  Understand how to work with a participatory leadership that generates team´s empowerment and motivation. Learn how to better communicate and give feedback. Acquire the tools to build group trust and teamwork.


We offer  tailor made workshops with varied duration according to your organisation and team´s needs.



We will be in Nepal from the 1st to 14th of March 2017.



The tools and methods used in the workshop come from: Art of Hosting, Processwork, Dragon Dreaming, Facilitation Institute (IFAACE), Non Violent Communication, U-Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Scrum & Agile, Business Model Canvas, Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD),  Deep Ecology and  The work that Reconnects,

The workshops are inspired by Buddhism, Taoism, Australian Aborigines, and thinkers like Scott Peck, Otto Scharmer, John Croft, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Paolo Freire, Carl Jung, Joanna Macy, Arnold Mindell, Marshall Rosenberg, Don Beck, Frederic Laloux, etc.



MORE INFORMATION:  CapacityBuilding-Nepal



julia@onceinalifetimeevents.org        +977.9823773832    Kathmandu, Nepal



WHO? The facilitators

Julia Ramos (Nepal)

Facilitator in Dragon Dreaming project design, Organisational Change, Strategic Sustainable Development & Innovation. She has facilitated in 3 continents to more than 300 people. She is also the founder of a start-up called Once in a LifeTime events, that wishes to bring sustainable development to big events. She has dedicated the last 4 years of her life to helping people to create projects with a new consciousness as well as 8 years to traditional business management. She holds two Masters, one in Leadership and Strategic Sustainable Development (Sweden) and the other in Communication and Public Relations (Spain) and Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management (Switzerland).


Beatriz Gallego (Spain)

Dragon Dreaming and Process Work Facilitator. She accompanies individuals and groups with their inner to outer evolution process and organization development. She is specialised in group conflict resolutions, working with roles, rank and leadership. Trained in Open Forums and Deep Democracy, Transition Movement, Deep Ecology and Art of Hosting. As a Creative Entrepreneur, she first worked in Advertising and Marketing Online & Offline and later she created a Social Communication Cooperative for Local and National Spanish Governments and private companies. Master in Business Administration. Founder of Red Amaltea Association for Women and 14grapas Creative and Facilitation Agency.


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