Once Upon a Time * Once in a LifeTime Events
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Once upon a time, there lived a passionate woman who wished to change the world. Her name was Julia Ramos. Her life’s dream was to help people to create projects to conquer social, environmental and economic sustainability.
And so, In March 2016, she communicated her dream to the world through a crowdfunding campaign. In less than 30 days, the 6000 euro-objective was reached and Once in a LifeTime Events was born.


Once upon a time the contribution of generous donors, made Once in a LifeTime be born. 
This web page is dedicated to you, thank you!
Maurice, Juan Luis y Julia, Fran, Conha y Nacho, José Manuel, Carlos, Maria Jesús y José, Aida, Madalena, Juan, Joaquín, Ross, Paul, Ángel, Manuel, Philippe, Flavio, Martin, Rober, Christian, Pedro, Fernando, Hector, Edu y Leles, Sarah.
Charlie, Alba, Ángel, José Manuel, Manuel, Mike, María, Luis, Miguel, Lieven, Cristina, Dulieta,Antonio, Zand, Enrique, Olivier, Laurent, Pili, Nora, Sophie
Johnny & Alicia, Javi, Jörg, Ángel, Vihra, Julia, Javier, Alberto, Jeffrey, José Manuel, Carmen, Adriana, Claudia, Abraham, Andrew, Eli, Xavi, María José, Daniele, Laura, Gabriela, Dimuthu, Elena, Simone, Corina, Eli, Elena, Jaume,
Alberto, Sandra,  Pablo, Bertram.


Do you envision places for connection, music, joy, love & unexpected entertainment?

Do you share our dream to nurture the world with positive social, economic and ecological impacts?

Are you also seeking to create transformative turning points in people's lives?

Do you aspire to organise or participate in events where magical synchronicities happen?

Do you want to be part of this adventure too?

Music can change the world because it can change people.
- Bono