Latest fads in Music Festivals? 5 proposals that are hitting hard
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Latest fads in Music Festivals? 5 proposals that are hitting hard

Whether you are experienced in the world of music festivals or a newcomer wishing to be introduced to this magical universe; It is imperative that you know which are the freshest and innovative practices that are on the rise.

It is nothing new to say that music festivals are experiencing their golden age. Musical events of all styles grow like mushrooms around the world.

However, not all of them are the same, much less!! Being a veteran festival doesn’t mean to be better or more innovative. Gone are the times when a good line up  was enough to attract thousands of people. In an increasingly competitive environment, where attendees are turning into very demanding clients, reinvention is the most necessary quality for event promoters.

Then, let’s have a look to what are the main trends.


1) Multi cultural experiences
Latitude Festival Cultural Offering

Latitude Festival Cultural Offering

The world at large is seeing how traditional structures are being transformed, from organizations to governments. Little by little we move from hierarchical models to more participatory, more decentralized structures.

It is clear that music festivals could not be less. And is that the time in which all the action in a festival took place around a central stage, is going down in history. Nowadays, there are events where activity and fun are dispersed, like a network model with different heated points. It should be noted that, in our opinion, the most innovative festivals are those that have adapted their rationale, their vision, to this new trend. More and more festivals have evolved from the “musical concert” format to the “multi cultural experience” approach. Examples of this are the Latitude festival in UK, Coachella or Bonaroo in USA.


2) Community life

In line with the above, we begin to organize experiences that promote community life. And it seems that we want to transmit this to the audience: “become part of a community, the community of festival X”. Examples of these practices are for example the banqueting dinners, with its proper catering service with table, plates and cutlery.  As seen in Bonaroo.

As well as the dozens of outdoor hot tubs, where you can bathe with complete strangers and chat about the unforgettable experiences lived the day before.


3) Sustainability

All of us, festival goers, have realized the terrible environmental and social impact that a music festival can have. Tons of trash, neighbors annoyed by noise, huge CO2 emissions etc. This is why there are more and more festivals carrying out sustainable actions. As the Global Cool Foundation says in its blog, every year more festivals receive awards from “A Greener Festival” for its sustainability strategies. One of the best examples we see in sustainability is the “Shambala” Festival, whose use of electricity comes from 100% renewable resources. Or the “Light in a Bottle” festival which presumes to have been the pioneer in offering free water. This action has greatly reduce its energy consumption, CO2 production and volume of waste.


4) Surprise Location

There are little festivals that do not reveal their final location until a few months before the big date. Definitely this embeds the surprise factor in the experience, for good and for bad. Can you imagine how such a faithful follower I need to be to attend this type of festivals? Can you imagine how cool if every year I have the chance to experience a new environment, climate and culture? Check Going Nowhere.


5) Premium personalized services
Coachella Safari Tent

Coachella Safari Tent

Pay attention to the latest trends in terms of premium services. More and better services are offered for those people willing to pay huge sums of money. For example, Desert Trip’s 10,000 USD package includes fully equipped and air-conditioned tents, private parking, concierge, luggage transportation, breakfast and evening snacks, baths and showers and many more … Another similar services at an extra cost are: “When Nature Calls” luxury baths or the “posh wash” showers offered by Campbestival.



It is important to point out one last thing. It seems that more and more festivals are emerging with a similar vision to Once in a LifeTime events. And it also seems that the most innovative trend seems to be the one that  seeks to make out of  these festivals a source of inspiration, a place of change and connection; as well as an unforgettable multi-sensorial experience that is good for people, the economy and the planet.

So we just have to celebrate this new direction in the world of the big festivals. We hope that in the near future they will all be a “Once in a Lifetime events”.

Take a look at our YouTube playlist with some examples of the best festivals of recent times.


Article by:

Julia Ramos Puente

Unleashing collective intelligence for life changing entertainment events
Desatando la inteligencia colectiva en eventos que cambien tu vida.


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