Dragon Dreaming project design arrives to Nepal.
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Dragon Dreaming project design arrives to Nepal.

Do you want to create outrageously successful projects and move away from business as usual?


In a world of constant change and rapid evolution, the long-term sustainability of our businesses and projects can be a complex task. To achieve this it is necessary to develop flexible, creative and innovative strategies that serve as a bridge to the new business of the XXI century. It is for this reason that we need a new culture based on authentic communication, confidence and enjoyment. And a team of people who really know how to work together, make commitments and share responsibilities. Dragon Dreaming is the methodology that helps us achieve that. This is a tool to get companies to build resilient and inspiring projects. Thus, Dragon Dreaming can be applied to various purposes, both for undertaking a project, the creation of new products or services and the implementation of structural changes and vision within an organization. Dragon Dreaming takes us out of our comfort zone to reach our maximum creativity, adopting at the same time a culture of win-win and authentic communication. Dragon Dreaming works with a four-stage process: dream, plan, do and celebrate; 12 different phases and  more than 60 tools. Using these tools in your organization, the resilience and adaptability to changes will increase and a greater cohesion among its stakeholders will be achieved, because the process of creation and realization of projects will be done in an enjoyable and inclusive way.


Dragon Dreaming is a holistic approach that combines the living systems theory and deep ecology with traditional methods of project management, in addition to the ancestral wisdom of indigenous Australians. This methodology is the result of work over 25 years that has evolved thanks to the contribution of hundreds of thinkers, educators and agents of change such as Gandhi, Paolo Freire, Jung, Joanna Macy, Scott Peck, Arnold Mindell, Rosenberg etc …


The principles of Dragon Dreaming


Supporting personal growth
While we carry out the project, we discover new aspects of ourselves and acquire new skills. We deepen our contact with the world and those around us.

Encourage team building and communities
Trust and cooperation in the team grow from the experience, appreciating the views of each and every person looking to find your ideal location within the project. We work to build relationships of genuine communication “win-win”

To serve the planet
We identify the needs of people and the planet. We find meaning and significance in our actions through feedback to our environment. We put ourselves at the service of the whole and we encourage diversity, creativity and liveliness, developing sustainable projects that ensure the future of generations to come.


Dragon Dreaming´s methodology is easy, although it will only be through commitment and perseverance that the desired changes will be achieved. We live in a society with deep-rooted beliefs and this is why it takes time, dedication and courage in order to create a new collaborative culture of win-win. It is in this new culture, the individual and the team, go on to develop their true potential and re-connect with the world, to be the real engines of change.


Do you want to learn more: Dragon Dreaming arrives to Nepal.


For the first time, Dragon Dreaming international Workshop arrives to Nepal.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a change maker, an office worker, or a housewife, Dragon Dreaming is a life changing tool, that invites you to step out of your comfort zone to reach a place for maximum creativity and delight.

This is a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn the steps for successful project design and implementation.
  • Unleash collective intelligence and Innovation within your organisation.
  • Receive practical tools to improve team’s communication, trust and performance
  • Understand how to establish a win win win culture for all stakeholders.
  • Learn to integrate the celebration and enjoyment in our work processes.


When & Where: Dhulikhel Village Resort,  3rd March, 2017 to 5th March 2017

More Information here: Dragon Dreaming_Guide_Nepal_2017

Enrollments: http://www.tandavatheatre.org/home/register_form/dragon-dreaming-workshop-2017



Julia Ramos: One of the most experienced Dragon Dreaming facilitator in the world. Has facilitated around 40 workshops in 3 continents to more than 300 people. She has a Master in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Masters in Communications and Public Relations and Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management. Entrepreneur of Once in a Life Time Events, an organisation that empowers event organisers to apply create events that positively transform the world forever. Sustainability, leadership and innovation facilitator and consultant.


Beatriz Gallego: Dragon Dreaming and Processwork Facilitator. She accompanies individuals and groups with their inner to outer evolution process and organization development. She is specialised in Group conflict, roles, rank and leadership. Trained in Open Forums and Deep Democracy, Transition Movement, Deep Ecology and Art of Hosting. As a Creative Entrepreneur, she first worked in Advertising and Marketing Online & Offline and later she created a Social Communication Cooperative for Local and National Spanish Governments and private companies. Master in Business Administration. Founder of Red Amaltea Professional Association for Women and 14grapas Creative and Facilitation Agency.


More information about Dragon Dreaming: www.dragondreaming.org

Download Dragon Dreaming Ebook here: http://www.dragondreaming.org/wp-content/uploads/DragonDreaming_eBook_english_V02.06.pdf

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